Keeping tabs on your Bobbin Cases' life and efficiency is critical to the performance of your machine and work. If you noticed your machine performance is faltering, making funny noises, or simply want to take preventative measures, a simple bobbin case replacement is just what your machine needs to get running smoothly again -  and its surprisingly inexpensive.  In this post, we'll try and cover as much as we can regarding how to keep your bobbin cases in check. 


 If you'd like an example of a front loading bobbin case or would like to purchase  one, click on any of the following names that correspond with your brand: 

Singer    Brother    Consew   Janome          (There are plenty more)

Most Singer machines and quite a few other brands have the front-loading bobbin case. Follow these simple steps to change to change your bobbin case:

  1. Raise the presser foot.
  2. Turn hand wheel toward you until needle is in its highest position
  3. Open the hinged cover. Remove/Discard the bobbin case. 
  4. Hold the new bobbin case with one hand. Insert the bobbin so that the thread runs in a clockwise direction.
  5. Pull the thread through the slit and under the finger.
  6. Hold the bobbin case by the hinged latch.
  7. Insert it into the shuttle.                       

Now heres a short video on how to install Front loading bobbin cases:



    If you'd like an example of a top loading bobbin case or would like to purchase one, click on any of the following names that correspond with your brand:

    Brother    Singer   Janome   Babylock  Featherweight       (There are plenty more)

    1. Locate the bobbin compartment cover, which is beneath the needle plate. The cover will slide and is not connected with screws.
    2. Remove the cover to expose the compartment.
    3. Pull the release lever away from the bobbin case. The release lever is on a hinge.
    4. Remove the old bobbin case and slip the new bobbin case onto the spool inside the compartment.
    5. Release the lever on the bobbin case so it is snug against the case. The lever will automatically lock into position if it is in the correct position.
    6. Twist the case gently to ensure the case is properly secured to the spool. If the case is not fastened correctly, it will fall off the spool when you try to sew.

    Now Here's a Short Video on How to Install Top Loading Bobbin Cases:

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