PolyPrint TexJet Echo2

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TexJet echo2 helps you sell more at a higher price because of its superior print quality. Allows you to enjoy the lowest cost per t-shirt that leads to successful growth.

TexJet Echo2

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The lowest cost per t-shirt!

PolyPrint TexJet Echo2 DTG Printer is ideal for businesses that want to go beyond the capabilities of a direct to garment printer and are interested in batch and mass production.

The PolyPrint TexJet Echo2 DTG printer is equipped with one standard platen that offers a print area of 16x24in ideal for all-over fashion prints and up to A2+ image sizes and compatible with eight additional different-sized platens, TexJet® echo is much more than a tee printer. Unleash your creativity and print on pockets, underwear, socks, sleeves, baby bibs and bodysuits, leggings, pants, t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, skirts, and much more.

The new upgraded version of TexJet echo has a number of new improvements that make the already well-known and proven model echo even better!

3-year warranty!

Polyprint is so sure of the high quality that they give a 3-year warranty on the model echo2 (does not apply to printheads or parts that come in contact with ink). This in combination with the low price gives you a quick ROI on your investment

Better print quality

The print head on the TexJet echo2 can drop as small drops as 3 pl! It provides amazing precision and photorealistic prints that will allow you to print products that really stand out.

Easy to use

The easier to use more fun to work with! Quick assembly of the textiles with auto-height adjustment, different mounting plates for different textiles with magnetic Snap-On bracket, etc.

Well-suited garment printer for the fast-changing DTG world!

TexJet® echo² DTG printer is your ticket to success, whether your aim is to start a business or grow your existing one. Designed for the customer who requires the utmost from their DTG printer, this printer delivers quick return-on-investment with powerful performance, low running costs, exceptionally high-quality printing, and customizable options that come to meet your business demands.

TexJet® echo². Better than ever!

Discover the new advanced features of TexJet® echo² that help you deliver the most amazing results to your customers. Built from the ground up using high-quality materials, TexJet® echo² comes with plenty of improvements on both mechanical & electronic parts compared to its predecessor. A redesigned electronic board, humidity and temperature sensors, and a smoother platen movement system are some of our engineering improvements that free you up to enjoy high-quality works in the most efficient way.

With an up to 41x60cm (16x24in) print area, a striking number of 10 easily exchangeable platens to effortlessly print on the most diverse garments and its hybrid* printing capabilities, TexJet® echo² is a durable, versatile yet economical DTG printer that is designed to simplify your printing experience without sacrificing quality.
*Combination with traditional screen printing to skip pre-treatment, reduce ink costs and add special effects.

  • XXL Print Area (41x60cm)
    Enjoy one of the largest printable areas in the market
  • Simple User Interface
    New re-designed keypad with intuitive functions
  • Sealed / Refillable Ink Cartridges
    140ml single-use sealed / 160ml user-refillable cartridges
  • Quick Access Top Cover
    For easier maintenance and service
  • Emergency Stop Button
    Halts printer function instantly


  • Cost-Effective - With some of the lowest ink prices in the industry, the Polyprint Echo2 will give you a much more cost-effective way of printing. You’ll receive both lower run and maintenance costs with the new Echo2.
  • Auto-Height Adjustment - The Echo2 will automatically adjust the height of the platen to provide the best printing quality possible.
  • High Print Quality with Bright White - The combination of 8 ink channels, the inks, and RIP will provide you with crisp images, accurate colors, and sharp details. The white that can be produced on this machine is unmatched.
  • Extended Warranty - Most parts are warrantied to 3 years. 1 year for the head and 3 years for anything that is not touched by ink. *Tubes, dampers, and such are not covered by warranty since they are wearable parts that are a low cost to replace.
  • Single Pass Printing - You can print white and color ink at the same time with the Echo2. This allows for higher production and a lower cost.
  • Advanced RIP Included - The CADlink Digital Factory RIP provides outstanding color accuracy, helps to lower ink costs, is easy to use, and supports single-pass printing.


  • Maximum Printing Area: 16x24in (Optional Large Platen).
  • Cotton, Polyester, Blends, Linen, Viscose, and more.
  • Dimensions: 29in x 50in x 19in (W x D x H) 159 lbs


  • PolyPrint TexJet Echo2 Printer
  • CADlink Digital Factory RIP Software
  • 2 Sets of Ink
    140ML, 4 Whites, 2 Blacks, 1 Cyan, 1 Magenta, and 1 Yellow Per Set
  • 1 Gallon of Pretreatment Solution
  • RIP Software - Digital Factory Polyprint Edition
  • Maintenance Cartridge chip resetter + Extra chips
  • 3 1Lt bottles of Pretreat
  • 1L of Cleaning Solution
  • AC Power cable 
  • USB Printer Cable
  • Transparent Films for Nozzle Check
  • User Guide Kit
  • Standard 34×52 cm Snap-On Platen
  • 9 Labeled Sealed Cartridges (4 Whites, 2 Blacks, 1 Cyan, 1 Magenta, 1 Yellow), 140 ml each
  • Spare Maintenance Tank
  • USB License Dongle for CADlink Digital Factory Apparel PolyPrint™ Edition v10
  • USB Installation Drive with RIP software and collection of artwork for printing
  • Cleaning Swabs
  • Other Accessories


  • Windows 10


  • Silicone Parchment Paper or Teflon Page
  • Art program for creating print-ready images (Adobe, CorelDraw)
  • UPC Battery backup
  • Pre-Treatment Solution
  • Heat Press 16" x 20" minimum 
  • Pre-Treatment Machine
  • Time and planning for a learning curve 

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PolyPrint TexJet Echo2 DTG Printer

TexJet Echo2

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