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Aeoon Kyo Series is a durable digital DTG printer providing new technology, impressive speed, and pin-sharp designs.

Aeoon Kyo

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The next step in the direct to garment printing revolution.

The Aeoon Kyo series provides digital textile production on an industrial scale. With our direct to garment printer it is possible to stay ahead of the technological curve in the garment decoration market. Digital dtg printing was once used for low volume or novelty production, but thanks to our new technology and the impressive speed of up to 800 T-Shirts per hour (A4 size), it can
now become the industrial production method for garment decoration. High-resolution printing beginning with a native 600 dpi resolution enables new design possibilities.

The Aeoon Kyo digital printer series uses the direct to garment printing technology, also known as DTG printing. The ink is printed directly and digitally onto the fabric.

Make the right decision!

Why should you choose an Aeoon Kyo DTG printer? Massive output: Up to now, the Kyo series is the fastest DTG printer in it‘s a market segment with an output of up to 800 T-Shirts per hour (A4 printing size). This is obtained by using up to twelve print heads with 2558 nozzles with a native 600 dpi resolution and a fire speed of up to 40.000 ink drops per second in four different drop sizes.

Flexible: We build a printer that fits your business. The Aeoon Kyo series not only enables you to flexibly react to the demands of your customers, but it also has the unique ability to grow with your business. We designed our printer modularly, which means you can upgrade and add features such as additional print heads or custom pallets in the long run.

The printing process

The Aeoon Kyo series is able to print on dark, colored, and light textiles. Our Aeoon RIP software prepares all files for printing, generates a white underbase (if applicable), and automatically synchronizes the printable files with the machine. On the machine itself, we have implemented our touchscreen software.

You can directly choose the designs and adjust all settings on the machine. To print on light garments, you simply load the textile on the pallet. Afterward, you select the design you want to print on the touchscreen on the machine and hit the print button. Dark garments have to be pretreated before printing. During the printing process, the white under base is applied and the colors are printed on top of it. Afterward, the textiles need to be cured in a dryer.

Experience our printing quality

Some things are easily said, but more difficult to do. That’s why we like to convince our customers by showing them the real deal. You are more than welcome to visit us in our headquarters in Kramsach, Austria, and experience our Kyo printer for yourself. As a special highlight, we are going to reserve our showroom for you.

Together with our helpful employees you can thoroughly test our Aeoon DTG printer and ask every question you can possibly think of. Of course, you can bring your own designs and textiles with you. Please contact us to set a date. We also exhibit at trade shows on a regular basis. Please refer to our website to find out more about our next trade show appearances.

Printing Method and Ink type · Direct inkjet to textile garment printing · Pigmented, water-based inks · Optimized for Aeoon Kyo Series · Sublimation, water-based inks

Speed and vibrant colors - No longer a contradiction!

We produce our own ink, which is specifically designed for the demands of our Kyo DTG printers. Our colors ensure that there is no more contradiction between speed and vibrant colors. Therefore, the color is optimized for an industrial scale textile production and fulfills the highest quality demands on fastness, color brightness, and washability.

Our colors are available in CMYK and white-pigmented ink. We also offer a pretreatment solution, which ensures the best printing quality on dark textiles. Aeoon inks are water-based and meet the highest printing standards. In addition, we are very happy that our inks meet environmental standards and received the Oeko-tex and GOTS (Global Standards) certifications.

Features and Specifications:

Printing Method and Ink type

  • Direct inkjet to textile garment printing
  • Pigmented, water-based inks
  • Optimized for Aeoon Kyo Series
  • Sublimation, water-based inks


  • CMYK pigment for cotton; Canvas, Jeans, and mixed fiber garments
  • CMYK sublimation for bright polyester garments and transfer paper
  • Additional spot colors are available
  • Up to 8 whiteheads for superior speed on dark garments

Operating System

  • Linux
  • RIP Software Windows 7
  • RIP Software Windows 8
    Throughput (T-shirts per hour)
  • Light garments: 800 T-shirts/hour*
  • Dark garments: 400 T-shirts/hour*
    * Based on A4 print size/depends on resolution, quality mode, image size, number of print heads

Recommended Add-On and

  • Aeoon Designer RIP Software with automatic white underbase generation
  • Most common image formats are supported

Interface and Power Requirements

  • Network
  • USB Stick
  • CD
  • Electrical Supply: 400/208 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 Ph, 16A

Pallet Sizes - 3 tables:

  • 25 x 35 cm with up to 3 tables
  • 30 x 40 cm with up to 3 tables
  • 40 x 50 cm with up to 3 tables
  • 50 x 70 cm with up to 3 tables
  • 55 x 92 cm with up to 3 tables
  • Optionally Pallets for arm, bags, trousers, and customized Pallets available

Pallet Sizes - 2 tables:

  • Up to 92 x 98 cm with 2 tables
  • Up to 92 x 200 cm with 1 table
  • Optionally up to 250 x 400 cm print format
  • Optionally Pallets for arm, bags, trousers, and customized Pallets available

Print Heads // Kyocera KJ4B Print Heads

  • Piezoelectric drop on demand inkjet heads
  • 4-12 colors with 2-12 print heads
  • 2558 nozzles per print head
  • 600 dpi native resolution
  • 4 drop sizes
  • Fire frequency up to 40 Khz


  • 4,1m x 2,9m x 2,0m, 2.000 kg
  • 4,2m x 2m x 2,2m, 2.300 kg


  • 1 Ripping Software
  • 3 Standard Pallets,
  • 3 Hoodie Pallets,
  • 3 Children Pallets,
  • 3 Bag Pallets
  • 1 Jumbo Pallet
  • 1 New print head
  • 3 platen upgrade, and the 12 printheads, which are 4 CMYK, and 8 Whites.
  • Also included will be a lot of leftover inks, we are talking around 10 liters or so easy.
  • Aeoon Pretreatment 55 gallon drum, around half full or so.
  • Aeoon capping solution/concentrate, few gallons.
  • Aeoon standard platens, 3 of them, and we also are including the 3 hoodies ( toddler) platens. We use these to print hoodies on. 
The reason we are selling is that we are marketers and want to stick with what we do best. Running a fulfillment shop has been too much-added efforts with employee management, hiring/firing, etc. We are contracting out all of our work and have found partners to help us with that. With that said, we are looking to sell our Aeoon which we bought in Early 2017.

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Aeoon Kyo DTG Printer Manufacturer Information

Aeoon Kyo

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