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DTG Digital M6
DTG Digital M6 Direct To Garment Printer (DTG)
DTG Digital M6 Direct To Garment Printer (DTG)
DTG Digital M6 Direct To Garment Printer (DTG)
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DTG Digital M6 was designed for multiple garment prints and fashion panel decoration. DTG Digital M6 delivers the industry’s most advanced, user-friendly, and precise print platform specifically designed for textile applications.

DTG Digital M6

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DTG Digital M6 is designed for printing several clothing items at the same time and fashion panel. A dual process ink system supports a wide variety of inks to enhance direct digital printing applications with 3 ink solutions developed specifically for direct to textile printing. It is flexible.

DTG Digital M6 was designed for multiple garment prints and fashion panel decoration. DTG Digital M6 delivers the industry’s most advanced, user-friendly, and precise print platform specifically designed for textile applications. There’s no need for a roll to roll sticky belt which means a massive reduction in equipment and manpower costs. The M6 supports common panel sizes up to 1100mm x 980mm. Fabrics and multiple finished garments can be decorated at just under 100 square feet per hour with incredibly fine detail thanks to the dual CMYK piezo print head.

The DTG Digital DTG printers are the first choice for garment printers globally because of the IQ Interweave technology which helps in no banding even at lower resolutions. It’s good for you to compare the Epson DTG printer, Brother T-shirt printer, and Kornit T-shirt printer to our DTG printers.

DTG Digital M6 is the culmination of 10 years of garment R&D development and ideal for full colour and all-over prints.

It provides the most advanced, user friendly, accurate printing platforms specifically designed for textile applications. This DTG printer offers extraordinary features, including extraction of the dust created by the ink, monitoring of temperature and humidity, giving you greater control when printing.

The M6 Series features DTG bespoke firmware specifically created for optimal print quality, working with higher production speeds, and advanced ink control for accurate placement onto fabrics and garments using WIMS (White Ink Management System) and ONE PASS print technology. The M6 also features ink mist extraction as well as temperature and humidity monitoring to ensure even greater print management control.

The DTG M6 Prints all over T-Shirts, hoodies, tea towels, mouse mats, bags, jeans, fabric panels, and so much more. The DTG Digital M6 supports the latest 4-2-1 platen system that gives a massive 1150mmx632mm (extendable up to 750mm) which gives the ability to print 12 Medium, 6 Large, 3XL and 1 Supper size XXL plus full bed panel printing!

Sublimation printing DTG M6

Pre-cut printing is gaining ground in the production of small batches or single pieces in fashion houses and by decorators on demand for the simplicity and flexibility that a digital flatbed printer can give. There is no need for an adhesive belt to transport the material from roll to roll and this means a massive reduction in equipment and labor costs. The DTG M6 digital printer supports panels up to 1100 x 980mm in size.

Fabrics, cut parts as well as finished garments can be decorated with double four-color printing and a piezoelectric print head with a minimum droplet size of 3.5 picoliters for incredibly defined details and 48 picoliters for larger drops and faster productions.

There is no banding even at the lowest resolution thanks to the IQ Interweave system that has made DTG Digital the first choice for textile printers globally. To reduce downtime and maintenance, pressurized trucks ensure uninterrupted ink supply to the printhead and a fan sucks the ink that remains in the air before it can settle on vital parts of the machine. With the pressurized high-capacity ink bottles you can print an entire shift without having to refill the inks. The DTG M6 is a powerful machine that offers flexibility to print on a wide range of fabrics, finished or pre-cut garments.

The M6 is a new standard in Industrial Direct to Garment printing in the Americas. This system has been used for several years in Europe and Asia for more commercial applications like:

  • apparel manufacturing
  • cut and sew
  • all over printing
  • custom fabric design printing
  • fast fashion

The larger capacity, being able to print 12 images on up to 12 different garments at a time, has made it especially popular for making children’s clothing, toddlers and infants, left chests and small fabric accessory items too.

You can see a short demonstration of the M6 Dual CMYK option (no white ink) printing on 12 light colored children’s garments as well as a cut and sew application.

DTG Digital DTG Features:

  • Direct to Garment printing
  • High-performance
  • Reliable direct-to-garment printing
  • High-quality
  • Up to twice as fast
  • Highlight White Ink Mode
  • Fast loading for more productivity
  • Photorealistic Quality
  • Print on light or dark garments including 100% polyester
  • Vibrant prints for cotton garments
  • Compact and easy to use
  • A new way to print - iQ Interweave - eliminates the banding stripe at all resolutions!
  • Print area:  1150mm x 632mm (max 750mm).
  • Ink dust extraction protection system .
  • ONE Pass printing enabled , increase the speed of your production.
  • 46 pcl adjustable to all resolutions.
  • Intelligent integrated RIP software with patented tools.
  • Repeatable and consistent prints, day after day.
  • Plate system 4-2-1:  12 child / 6 adults / 3 XXL adults.
  • Steel structure : it is resistant
  • WIMS (White Ink Management System)
  • Precision Wireless servo!
  • Firmware designed for textile printing.
  • Scale production : possibility of printing on several garments at a time!

# Software for DTG M6 Industrial DTG printer.

  • Windows 10 / MacOS / Linux
  • The latest version.
  • Rip Software: Direct Rip included
  • raster image processing software
  • RIP Pro C6
  • C-Breeze
  • DirectRip software
  • ArtisJet
  • Supports the most common graphic formats, both raster and vectorial, including PSD, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, AI, PDF.
  • simple setup, intuitive workflow
  • Color Management
  • Flexible Ink channels


  • Printhead Piezo 180 nozzles per channel
  • Colour 4 colour Dual CMYK
  • Print Area 1100 x 980mm (43″ x 38″)
  • Drive Processor driven conveyor
  • Inks DTG inks – 3 types: Pigment, Reactive, Sublimation
  • Ink Delivery Bottle – pressurised CYMK
  • Operating System Microsoft® Windows® XP or later, DTG Print Pro
  • Electrical 110-240VAC/10A, 50-60Hz Consumption: 55W or less, Standby -5W, Off – 1W
  • Physical Dimensions 1790W x 1250H x 1550L mm – (70.5″W x 49″H x 61″L)
  • Weight 170kg (375lb) (boxed weight will vary)


  • Maintenance Kit and UPS unit
  • On-site Installation and 2-days Training
  • The Printer and RIP software
  • Multiple Platens
  • Enhanced Starter Kit:
  • More inks and Pretreatments
  • Ink Cartridges.
  • CMYK ink.
  • White ink.
  • Wide Format Ink.
  • Pretreatment.
  • Solution for Dark Garment.
  • DTG Cleaning Solution.
  • Heat Press Pillow.
  • DTG P30i Pigments CMYK & W
  • DTG P40i Sublimation [12 colours. inc. neon]
  • DTG P50i Reactives [9 colours]


DTG Digital M6
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