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RICOH Ri 2000 Direct to Garment printer
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RICOH Ri 2000 Direct to Garment printer is designed to make professional, high-quality printing faster and easier for personalized garments and other fabrics.

RICOH Ri 2000

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RICOH Ri 2000 brings direct-to-garment printing to the next level. Built according to Ricoh’s world-class standards of engineering and design, the RICOH Ri 2000 delivers uncompromisingly high performance, innovative features, and unrivaled value. Ri 2000 builds on the predecessor of the Ri 1000 printer and has a number of interesting improvements.

The new Ri 2000 is a direct-to-textile printer that boasts two carriages for faster printing. Ricoh's engineers have dramatically improved the print speed so that the new printer is able to print light-colored clothing at the fastest possible speed in 9 seconds. In the print mode with standard quality, the speed decreases (it is 15 seconds), and even slightly decreases for more detail and quality printing: 28 seconds in Fine Quality mode or 58 seconds in Super Fine mode.

Printing on dark textiles will take longer: 54 seconds for standard quality, 74 seconds for high quality, and 97 seconds for super quality.

For reference, Ricoh defines Super Fine printing as 1200 x 1200 dpi with eight passes, Fine at 600 x 600 dpi with four passes, Standard at 600 x 600 dpi with two passes, and printing at a maximum speed of 600 x 300 dpi per pass. The Ri 2000 comes with ProductionServer RIP print management software from ColorGate

Ricoh has dramatically improved printing speeds, allowing it to produce light garments in 9 seconds. This drops to 15 seconds for standard quality, 28 seconds for fine quality mode, and 58 seconds for super fine mode. For darker colored clothing, you can print in 54 seconds. It takes 60 seconds for standard quality, 74 seconds for fine quality, and 97 seconds for super fine. For reference, Ricoh defines Super Fine as 8-pass 1200 x 1200 dpi, Fine as 4-pass 600 x 600 dpi, and Standard as 2-pass 600 x 600 dpi, with a top speed of 600 for a single pass. x 300 dpi.

Features and benefits

  • Capable of high-volume results, the Ri 2000 is an efficient and effective option for businesses who offer both short and long job runs to meet customer needs. This fast and durable single platen printer is designed with Ricoh inkjet technology and works with intuitive ColorGATE RIP software for a 36 second turnaround for personalised garments.
  • The Ri 2000 has Ricoh’s own inkjet print heads, with an automatic head cleaning feature which increases reliability for production of high-volume orders. The automated maintenance sequences save operators time and make the device easier to use and maintain – features include temperature and humidity sensors, active ink level monitoring, white ink circulation and many more.
  • For ease of use and added convenience, the Ri 2000 model has an automatic table height adjustment, as well as the touch screen operating panel with smart maintenance alerts (common to both Ri 1000 / Ri 2000). Following a digital workflow, promotional and personalised designs can be previewed at the printer and progress monitored in real time using the viewing window.

Fast, easy and designed to grow your business

The RICOH Ri 2000 printer takes direct-to-textile printing to the next level. Developed under Ricoh's highest engineering and design standards , the Ricoh Ri 2000 printer gives you uncompromising performance, innovative features and unmatched quality.

Better known in the Anglo-Saxon world under the terms " Direct to Garment " or DTG , Direct Digital Printing on Textile acts like an inkjet technology but for fabrics. The ink injected into the fabric fiber makes it possible to reproduce high-quality visuals with very faithful rendering of details and unparalleled color brightness.

Designed for Direct-to-Textile printing, the Ri 2000 printer offers unparalleled speed for personalizing textile items such as T-shirts (36s with Rip ColorGate), sweatshirts and other textiles.  

The Ri 2000 is known for its speed, but also its reliability to provide excellent results over time. 

The Ri 2000 will be able to print in any format, for light or dark clothing without restriction , and for all types of visuals, including halftones , photos as well as graphic designs while maintaining excellent quality. 

Print more without worrying about it . Thanks to automated maintenance systems and state-of-the-art system control, the RICOH Ri 2000 printer remains in an active state, which means it is always available. You can achieve a perfect print whenever you are ready to use the printer.

Blazing print speeds 

The RICOH Ri 2000 is characterized by phenomenal printing speed. It has a dual carriage system, each equipped with 8 print heads . One carriage is reserved for printing in white, while the other applies CMYK colors . This setup speeds up printing and enables incredible productivity.

Growth of your business

Ricoh's state-of-the-art ColorGATE solution takes you to a new stage in your business development. The ColorGATE RIP allows you to automate your workflow and achieve superior quality prints with automatic control of color quality and stability . This modular solution allows you to meet the strictest quality requirements of your customers.

Goodbye, Manual Head Cleans!

The RICOH Ri 2000 includes an innovative head cleaning jig designed for fast and easy nozzle maintenance. Instead of messing with swabs and wipes, you now simply attach your cleaning jig, add cleaning solution, and select “Jig Head Maintenance.” The printer does the rest of the work for you while you focus on running your business

Walk-Up Ready With Automated Maintenance

With automated maintenance systems and advanced system monitoring, the RICOH Ri 2000 stays in an active state where it is walk-up ready — and virtually guaranteed to produce a perfect print whenever you are ready to use the machine. To make maintenance even easier, a built-in Interactive Operation Guide provides smart alerts and notifications via the printer’s industry-leading, full-color 7″ touchscreen display.

An infinite range of colors

From the subtle brilliance of skin tones to the vividness of colors, the RICOH Ri 2000 can literally reproduce an endless number of colors and handles even the most complex gradations perfectly . Capture photographic detail and get crisp, high definition prints at 1200 x 1200 dpi .

Beyond T-Shirts

Expand your service offering and print virtually any image digitally on t-shirts , masks , hoodies , tote bags and more. Your imagination is your only limit.


  • 6 Cartridges Bundle for Ricoh RI 2000 Type G1 (CMYK+2 White)
  • Ricoh DTG XL Ink Cartridge 500ML Color: Black,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow
  • Ecofreen Transfer Film for DTG Transfer (Direct to Film - DTF) 23.6" x 109 Yard Roll
  • Cleaning Cartridges
  • Technical Support


RICOH Ri 2000
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