ZSK Sprint 7 - Refurbished

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ZSK Sprint 7 has been designed and engineered to provide the highest quality embroidery on any garment! Including 18 needles, the Sprint 7 allows more colors in designs and fewer thread changes; perfect for any industrial embroiderer.

Sprint 7

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Perfect for Start-Up Embroidery, Personalization, & Small Runs (Contract Businesses)

ZSK Sprint 7 Embroidery Machine is an 18-needle single head class 4 style (bridge style) embroidery machine. This machine can adapt specialty devices (such as sequins or cording) without changing any electronic board components or altering any electrical component – ZSK produces the most compatible & versatile machine in the world.

ZSK Sprint 7 is recommended for start-up embroidery businesses as well as any size embroidery shop. Not only does this equipment provide embroidery decoration, but also allows for a wide range of embellishment options. Use it as embroidery only or add unique options to diversify your business.

The ZSK Compact Single Head Bridge Style Machine has the same open-back frame design as multi-head machines and is the most industrious commercial single-head on the market. With the bridge-type build style on a single head, the ZSK offers the most versatile frame – providing a sturdy and virtually vibration-free piece of equipment. This frame style is the most preferred model for customers who are using the equipment as a production machine.

Tubular Arm – The ZSK has the smallest tubular arm in the industry worldwide! The curved design now allows for the narrowest of textiles to be embroidered and those hard to embroider areas such as shirt pockets, fronts of shoes, baby items, shirt cuffs, etc. In addition to the size, the arm is also longer to fit a wider range of materials as well – it has been extended 20 mm for narrow textiles.

The Sprint 7 is a powerful, compact embroidery machine, made with the same German quality and craftsmanship as the larger machines. With all-steel construction, fewer parts, and less maintenance, the benchmark qualities of this machine are second to none. The bridge-style head allows for larger sewing areas, precision stitching, and faster swing speeds. Tubular and wide-angle cap options are standard with the Sprint 7.

Commercial Embroidery Machine

The Sprint 7 series is equipped with 18 needles and servo drive systems accommodating more complex embroidery. This makes the Sprint 7 embroidery machines more efficient with longer stitch lengths, whilst maintaining the same range of options and accessories as the Sprint 6 series. Released in 2018, the Sprint 7, Sprint 7 L, and Sprint 7 XL are the flagship Sprint series models.

With a wide range of options, it’s a great choice for any size embroidery shop, fashion designer, or specialty shop.

The Sprint 7 is a flexible, 18-needle, class 4 style (bridge style) single-head embroidery machine. The 18 needles and servo drive system allows for longer stitch lengths and more complex embroidery options. The Sprint 7 has an embroidery field of 460 x310 mm.

The Sprint 7 series offers the versatility and performance of larger commercial machines, with a compact footprint.

ZSK Sprint 7 is recommended for any size embroidery shop - from a start-up to 200+ heads. Not only does this equipment provide embroidery decoration, but also allows for a variety of embellishment options such as sequins. What you can print: Polo shirts, Caps, Beanies, Carhartt Jackets, Hoodies, Letterman Jackets, Duffle Bags, Jeans, Backpacks, Patches, Shoes, Much More!

The SPRINT 6 and SPRINT 7 models can be equipped with the status light (option). This allows a very comfortable overview of your production status. The systems can be retrofitted.
All models exist as a tubular, cap, and border frames. Popular frames such as shoe frames, shirt pocket frames, shirt collar frames, sock frames, etc. can be used on all SPRINT machines.
Overview of the ZSK SPRINT Series:
  • SPRINT 6 (460 x 310mm)
  • SPRINT 6 XL (1.200 x 280mm)
  • SPRINT 7 (460 x 310mm)
  • SPRINT 7L (600 x 400mm)
  • SPRINT 7XL (1.400 x 400mm)

Machine Control:

  • T8 Colour Operating unit with CPU 32 MB Ram
  • Memory capacity up to 80 Million stitches
  • TFT Colour display 8, 4”
  • USB Connection
  • Ethernet Link
  • 3, 5” Disk Drive
  • Operating System Windows CE


  • Cap Frame
  • Boot Frame
  • Cylinder Frame
  • Cording Device
  • Boring Device
  • High-Speed Sequin Device
  • Stencil Frame
  • Pocket Frame
  • Trousers Frame
  • Magnetic Clamping Frame

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Sprint 7

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