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Brother Luminaire XP2 delivers the same advanced features of the original Luminaire, like StitchVision Technology for stitch precision and more accurate embroidery design placement

Luminaire 2 XP2

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Brother Luminaire 2 Innov-ìs XP2 Sewing, Quilting & Embroidery Machine

Brother Luminaire XP2 delivers the same advanced features of the original Luminaire, like StitchVision Technology for stitch precision and more accurate embroidery design placement, 4 included frames, a built-in camera for fast scanning, and a large 10.1 capacitive touchscreen display for easy menu navigation, zooming, on-screen design editing, and tutorial viewing.

The Luminaire 2 takes its offering further with a variety of sashing patterns and the auto decorative fill function as well as more stitches, motifs, and fill patterns than its predecessor so you can tap into endless design options. It also lets you step up your embroidery and quilting game with brilliant new innovations and app-based features available from your mobile devices. Discover Brother s XP2 for a sewing experience that ll take you light years beyond.

The Brother Luminaire XP2 brilliantly empowers your creativity through innovative uses of beaming light that allow you to preview stitches and embroidery designs directly onto your fabric. Experience true luxury with our largest workspace and embroidery area ever offered, coupled with a revolutionary collection of capabilities to help you achieve perfection in every stitch.


  • StitchVision projects stitches and designs on the fabric
  • Endpoint sewing function stops stitching where you want
  • Brother-exclusive Quiltbroidery features
  • 65-square-inch workspace and generous 13" needle-to-arm span
  • 4 clamp-free, spring release frames up to 10 5/8" x 16"
  • Expandable library of built-in tutorials and manuals
  • Over 1,300 built-in designs including 192 Disney designs
  • Track your progress with the My Stitch Monitor Mobile App
  • Transfer images wirelessly with the My Design Snap Mobile App
  • InnovEye Plus Technology for fast, high-resolution scanning

Brother Luminaire XP2 revolutionary sewing, quilting, embroidery and crafting machine brings light to your world and so much more. StitchVision Technology helps you find virtually perfect stitch positioning and more precise previews with an intelligent projection of light. Preview and edit designs and stitches directly on your fabric with the 5” x 3” virtual preview area which displays a guideline marker and a grid to create multiple rows of parallel stitching when you need it.

With the Luminaire 2 XP2 you get 65 square inches of workspace and a 13.1” needle-to-arm area that’s perfect for oversized quilts, or if you want to embroider, use the 10 5/8” x 16” frame with over 1,300 built-in embroideries including 192 built-in Disney designs!

Included Accessories:

  • Zigzag foot
  • Monogramming foot
  • Overcasting foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Buttonhole foot stabilizer
  • Blind stitch foot
  • Button fitting foot
  • Dual feed foot
  • Regular dual-feed foot
  • Straight stitch foot
  • Free motion quilting foot
  • Free motion echo quilting foot
  • Free motion open toe quilting foot
  • Embroidery foot
  • 1/4″ Quilting foot with guide
  • Adapter
  • Screw
  • Needles
  • Twin needles
  • Ballpoint needles
  • Bobbins
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Cleaning brush
  • Eyelet punch
  • Screwdriver small
  • Screwdriver large
  • Spool cap large
  • Spool cap medium
  • Spool cap small
  • Spool cap special
  • Spool stand
  • 10-5/8″ x 16″ Hoop
  • 9.5″ x 9.5″ Hoop
  • 5″ x 7″ Hoop
  • 4″ x 4″ Hoop
  • Scanning frame
  • Magnets
  • Bobbin clips
  • Bobbin center pin
  • Spool felt
  • Spool nets
  • Touch pen
  • Chalk pencil
  • Knee lifter
  • Multi-purpose screwdriver
  • Dual-purpose stylus
  • Dual-purpose stylus holder
  • Embroidery needle plate cover
  • Bobbin case alternate
  • Straight stitch needle plate
  • Cord guide bobbin cover
  • Bobbin cover with mark
  • Bobbin cover
  • Bobbin thread
  • Stabilizer material
  • Power cord
  • Dust cover
  • Accessory case
  • Foot controller
  • Embroidery positioning stickers
  • White calibration stickers
  • Grid sheet set
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Warranty card

25-Year Limited Warranty


Luminaire 2 XP2

Product Features:

  • InnovEye Plus Technology
  • Snowman Embroidery Positioning Marker
  • Camera scanning modes Fine/Standard
  • Pattern projection on sewing and embroidery area
  • Projected review needle drop position
  • Enhanced AccuTrac Embroidery System
  • Brushless motor for the embroidery unit
  • 1,100 plus built-in embroidery designs
  • 192 Disney and Pixar characters
  • 24 Built-in embroidery fonts
  • Simplified user interface for text
  • Editing capabilities
  • Stitch jumping by 1,000 stitches
  • Thread sensors for upper and lower threads
  • Jump stitch thread trimming with thread wiper
  • Enhanced embroidery thread palettes
  • Embroidery drag and drop feature
  • Easy on-screen handles for digitally resizing/rotating
  • Up to 200% zoom-in preview window
  • On-screen auto density adjustment (stitch to block)
  • Color Shuffling 3 function
  • No-fuss stippling in embroidery edit
  • Echo quilting button around the embroidery motif
  • Thumbnail sizes (large, medium, and small)
  • Direct touch button for color change on the screen
  • Resume function
  • Adjustable hoop size and grid options
  • Direct touch button for embroidery order
  • Automatic frame detection
  • Selectable thread brand
  • Progress bar
  • Auto Split of quilt block sashes function
  • 10 Built-in quilt block designs
  • Redo and undo operation up to 10 times
  • Intuitive information key
  • Top loading full rotary hook bobbin
  • Bright 10″ LED lighting
  • USB capability
  • 10.1″ LCD full color touch screen
  • 11.25″ Workspace area
  • Adjustable projector guidelines
  • Gridline projection
  • MuVit Digital Dual Feed System
  • My Custom Stitch feature
  • 185 built-in sample stitches
  • Automatic Height Adjuster (AHA)
  • Reinforcement stitch
  • Virtual Stitch Preview
  • InnovEye Plus Technology
  • Lightning-quick pivoting functionality
  • Paper punching capability
  • Square feeding system
  • Large adjustable knee lifter
  • Flexible presser foot height-stop
  • Adjust the Presser Foot
  • Needle plate detector
  • Ruler design with zero mark at the needle
  • 151 Built-in utility stitches
  • 670 Built-in decorative stitches
  • 10 Disney sewing stitches
  • Free motion mode
  • Automatic feed dog drop
  • Large size one-step buttonhole
  • Camera detection buttonhole foot
  • Adjustable buttonhole slit length
  • Flexible size change for most of the built-in stitches
  • Basting stitch with N foot and free-motion technique
  • Easily accessible screen options for needle up/down, and pivot.
  • Computer connectivity
  • Quick Reference Stitch Guide
  • Unique sew with embroidery arm attached
  • 10.65″ x 16″ Maximum embroidery area
  • 5MM Maximum stitch length
  • 7MM Maximum stitch width
  • 1,050SPM Maximum embroidery speed
  • 1,050SPM Maximum sewing speed

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