490360 Sewing Machine Wire Hemmer Foot Double Fold 3/16''

490360 Sewing Machine Wire Hemmer Foot Double Fold 3/16''

490360 Sewing Machine Wire Hemmer Foot Double Fold 3/16''

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Highest Quality Wire Hemmer Foot Size 3/16''.

This Highest Quality Hemmer Foot is used for Double Fold hemming on light to medium weight materials. If your fabric is too heavy for this hemmer foot style, you will need to use a Spring Hemmer Foot or a hemming attachment.

This Hemmer Foot Style is designed for fabrics that are too heavy for a Baby or Ball hemmer foot. This is the ideal Hemmer Foot Style for high speed hemming where there are no seams to cross.


This foot will fit all BROTHER / CONSEW / JUKI / SINGER Style Single Needle INDUSTRIAL Sewing Machines made by:


These Brand New Highest Quality Feet will fit:

ARTISAN: 196R 5550N 8500N ZJ-100

BROTHER: B705 B707 B715 B716 B735 B737 B738 B745 B755 B757 B758 B767 B781 PQ1300 PQ1500 SL-737A SL-777B S-7200A


CONSEW: 30 31-15 98 99 102 105 210 217 218 219 220 230 290 310 2230 7360R-1 P130R


CUTSEW: 777 787

FEIYUE: FY8500 FY8700

GEMSY: 8700

JANOME: 1600P 1600P-DB 1600P-DBX

JUKI: DDL-127 DDL-227 DDL-500 DDL-501 DDL-552 DDL-553 DDL-555 DDL-5550 DDL-5600 DDL-8300 DDL-8500 DDL-8700 DDL-9000 TL98E TL98Q

MITSUBISHI: DB-120 DB-121 DB-122 DB-126 DB-130 DB-170 DB-189 DB-199 LS2-130 LS2-150 LS2-180 LS2-190 LS2-1130



RELIABLE: MSK-8800 MSK-8550M MSK-8870M

REX: RX8500


SINGER: 31-15 44 95 96 120U 121C 121D 188K 191D 195K 196K 241 251 281 366K 400W 402W 451K 491D 591D 600W 660A 691D 770D 771D 2191 2491D

SUNSEW: GC1130 GC5550 GC6180 GC8500 GC-B735 GC-C111

SUNSTAR: KM-123A KM-123B KM-137A KM-137B KM-146BL KM-250

TACSEW: 5550 T8700

TAIKO: TK-505 TK-510

TOYOTA: AD156 AD157 AD338 D146 D147 D347 D348 D1422-42 D2432

TYPICAL: GC6-1-D3E2 GC6150B GC6150H GC6150M GC6160D3 GC6195M

UNICORN: LS2-H520 LS2-H530 LS2-H5100 LS2-H5200 LS2-H5300

YAMATA: FY8500 FY8700

ZOJE: ZJ15-1 ZJ80-1 ZJ90-1 ZJ999-1 ZJ999-5 ZJ5580 ZJ5580-D3 ZJ8500-D3 ZJ8500N