5 Reasons To Start An Embroidery Business At Your Home-Based

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5 Reasons To Start An Embroidery Business At Your Home-Based

Embroidery is a beautiful artwork that people take up as a hobby. Most often, you will find people making money out of this hobby. If you are one of them, then here is some good news! In the US, the embroidery business industry is worth $50 million and is booming! It is an old artwork but is only growing in popularity.

The demand for embroidery products is increasing because of the personalized touch it can give to products. People these days are increasingly fond of customized products, and embroidery makes that possible.

To start an embroidery business is simple and very easy. Unlike other businesses, it does not require many resources or tedious work. Things become easier if you want to start a home-based embroidery business.

The embroidery business is such that it allows you to earn money while sitting comfortably at home. There are many good reasons to start an embroidery business from home.

Top 5 Reasons To Start An Embroidery Business At Your Home-Based:

1. Low investment

It goes without saying that you save a lot of money when you start a business at home. To start an embroidery business at home, you don’t need to rent out space. A small spare room in your house or a corner of your home will do the job.

The best part is that most embroidery machines are not big in size. A single head embroidery machine is compact and can fit into any corner of your house. They are also affordable, and you can get a good one under your budget. You also save money from buying other items like furniture, cleaning tools, etc.

When you start an embroidery business from home, you can make personal connections with suppliers. That can help you lower supplies cost for future business work. Embroidery supplies like threads, toppings, needles are also cheaper when you buy in bulk. Therefore, the investment to start an embroidery business from home is very low.

2. Freedom to create

When you start an embroidery business from home, you are the master of your own. You get the freedom to use your creative potential fully. You can choose any product you like and develop any kind of design.

The embroidery industry is competitive, and many new designs are coming up every day. When you work from home, your mind is at peace. Therefore, you get the chance to do more research on designs and make them.

Being creative is part and parcel of the embroidery business. There are new embroidery equipment machines and software that can help you achieve that. You can even opt to use computerized machines that enable you to design as well as make. Using digitalized equipment helps you save on labor costs.

You can choose any piece of cloth and turn it into something beautiful. Embroidery work is more like a painting. The cloth is your blank canvas, and the threads are your colors. The options are simply endless.

3. Highly profitable

The embroidery market is thriving because it is a highly profitable business. It gives you high returns with low investments. There are no overhead costs to take care of, and the finished products can be sold at high prices.

For example, a simple plain T-shirt comes at a meager price. But, once you embroider on it, you can sell up to five times its initial price. You can choose how expensive you want a particular item to be depending on your embroidery work.

You don’t have to worry about bill payments, hiring employees, or other expenses when you work from home.

4. Support from Millennials

You will notice that there is a growing trend of supporting local artisans these days. This is especially true in the case of millennials. They believe in uplifting local, small businesses rather than big corporate companies. It gives them a sense of fulfillment that they are helping or supporting people in need.

Therefore, by advertising your embroidery business the right way, you can grab hold of the millennials market. Another trend seen in today’s society is the urge to have your own identity. Millennials today are inclined to wear personalized clothing or owning personalized items.

Some people like to customize their T-shirts, caps, or bags through embroidery work. Therefore, you will have much-needed support from people when you start an embroidery business.

5. Job stability and support from friends

Unlike working in commercial businesses, you get job stability when you start a home-based business. Other businesses are also beginning to shift from human labor work due to highly digitalized equipment or technologies. However, that is not the case in the embroidery business.

Though you will find a digitized embroidery machine that reduces labor work, there is always a need for human intervention.

When you start an embroidery business from home, you will also have support from your friends, neighbors, and relatives. If you have a school or hotel nearby, they may even hire you for their embroidery work requirements. It is easier to advertise your business when you support your neighbors, friends, and relatives.

Tips on starting a home-based embroidery business

  • Do thorough research on the embroidery equipment you want to buy.
  • Choose a room or space in your house that is free from disturbance.
  • Advertise your business through verbal communication with the help of friends and family members.
  • Join a local business startup group or network so that you can make meaningful connections with fellow businesswomen or businessmen.
  • Commit to delivering your orders on time.
  • Take advice from professionals like a business accountant or an attorney to know the tit-bits of starting a small business.


To start an embroidery business from home is easy and inexpensive. You can do your work according to your schedule while experiencing the comfort of being home. You can even expand your business in the long run once you get the hang of it. It is a very profitable business if you have the right strategy in place. 

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