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What is the Best Embroidery Machine to Make Money?

October 7, 2020
Best Embroidery Machine

If you are looking for A Profitable Embroidery Business idea to make ends meet, you will be surprised to note that you will come across numerous ideas that you could efficiently run with if you look hard and deep enough. One of these business ideas is venturing into the embroidery business, which starts with buying a machine.

Embroidery is one of the most profitable businesses you could invest in this year. Regardless of the state of the economy, you will be happy to note that the proper embroidery machine will offer great returns on your investment.

Embroidery weaves into several vital elements of technology, artistry, and marketing. You will also need the best entrepreneurial skills to start and run a successful embroidery business with the proper technological knowledge, artistry, and creativity. You also must hone your marketing skills. A firm grasp of all the latest embroidery equipment and software is one of the crucial aspects you must master to run a successful business efficiently.

Here is the Embroidery Business Guide for Beginners


Running an embroidery business and investing in the best machines could be the best investment. Some of the benefits that you will enjoy include the following:

Good profits – embroidery business brings in good yields, with big embroidery businesses boasting high revenue earnings in the millions.

Easy to crack the market – in general, the embroidery business industry is one of the industries with the lowest entry barriers. The market is straightforward to crack. Essentially, you only need to invest in one of the best embroidery equipment, provide value through high-quality prints, and be a reliable brand that will always be the go-to for your existing and new clients.

Freedom – if you are looking for a side hustle or a business opportunity that will give you the best level of independence from your 9-5 routine and having to go through the employee motions of the day, investing in the embroidery business might be the way for you to tap into that high level of freedom and independence.

You have to be ready to put in the work – the ability to work from home and be your boss might sound very appealing, primarily because of the freedom you get in terms of your working hours and the tax benefits. It would be best if you also worked on being one of the most creative people. Creativity and the best level of artistry will allow your work to stand out, and this is the one thing you must work on consistently for the high level of freedom and profits anticipated.

To run an embroidery business successfully and enjoy all the benefits that come from being an entrepreneur, you must be highly motivated, have the right level of business acumen, and be ready to challenge your artistry and creativity all the time. You have to put in all you have.

Now that you know about all the good things that could come from the decision to invest in the best embroidery machine and to simply put in everything in your embroidery business (whether you will be working part-time or full-time), let’s now take a look at the steps you should take to start and grow a successful business.

Getting Started with an Embroidery Business

Embroidery Business Guide for Beginner

It would help if you did a lot to run your embroidery business successfully; these steps are an essential part of your business strategy. If this is your first time coming up with a business strategy, it can be overwhelming, but it’s not impossible, especially when you have a guide.

That said, here are the steps that you need to follow to run a successful embroidery business.

1. Identify your competitive advantage.

You need to know who your competitors are, how they run their embroidery businesses, the weaknesses in their operations, etc. This information is crucial as it enhances your business’ internal strategies for marketing, operations, etc. Determining your competitive advantage allows you to easily play off your strengths in the industry while also making it easy and possible for you to target market gaps.

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Remember that having that firm understanding of your competition and its processes will define your competitive advantage. It would be best to consider your strengths, which is easy when looking at your background and finding innovative ways to use your skills to ensure business success.

Think of the skills that would enhance your embroidery business’s success, such as having a creative mind and working in graphics design or writing. You must also leverage your interpersonal skills, marketing skills, tenacity, etc.

Once you figure out your strengths, you’d want to think of the tangible things/ advantages that your business could offer – for example, can you offer outstanding and unique services, faster turnaround, do you have enticing add-ons to provide, and do you have extra benefits that would make you stand out from the competition.

Your ability to understand and leverage your competitive advantage will have everything to do with being able to conceptualize your unique selling points.

2. Who is your target audience?

The next thing you need to do after identifying your competitive advantage is to define who your target audience is. Your target audience will be the particular group most interested in your products. They are your ideal customers, and identifying their uniqueness is crucial as it guides your branding and marketing structures and the product offering you will put out on the market.

Remember that identifying your target audience has nothing to do with excluding certain people or groups but with choosing some of the most effective ways to easily spend your money and time while offering your products to the groups that best resonate with your offer.

Being specific is vital because you want to avoid vague or generic marketing structures leading to losing most of your audience. Audience targeting is important because it allows you to focus on the market with the most significant promise.

How, then, do you narrow down your target audience?

Well, you always start with the simple things, in this case, the demographics. Demographics will include coverage bracket, income level, location, occupation, gender, etc.

It would help if you also considered the unique needs fulfilled by your product, the scale of production needed to satisfy your customer’s needs, and you also need to consider who you are selling to – businesses or individuals.

3. Offering Customers Satisfaction to be able to gain trust

Here, it would be best to focus on your new business’s things to ensure you build a positive reputation for your brand. Making sure that you offer the highest level of satisfaction is an important factor to keep in mind because the success of your business will depend on how your customers see your brand. Consequently, the number of customer referrals you will receive and the positive testimonials for your brand, both online and offline.

It would be best to remember that people will always talk about your business online, whether you have a website or not, so you must establish a solid customer base that trusts your business and your level of expertise.

Besides offering the best services, you also need to provide the best customer service in terms of designs and quality of service. One unhappy customer could lead to your business’s slow downfall, so you must offer the best customer support services.

Ensure that the customer requests are completed meticulously, pay attention to all details, keep timelines, and be transparent with pricing. You could further enhance your service delivery and customer satisfaction levels by communicating on time on all matters, offering samples where necessary, and meeting your clients’ quality expectations.

4. Invest in the best equipment

The number, designs, and equipment quality as the embroidery industry grows and expands. This means you must pay more attention to the embroidery equipment options already on the market.

To ensure that you have the best embroidery equipment, you need to look at the machine’s features against your needs. For starters, look for machines that allow fast embroidery for the highest productivity level.

Also, choose an embroidery machine promising easy operation and one with an industrial platform. It would help if you had an embroidery machine designed to offer high mobility, functionality, strength, and durability for long-term use and business success.

Types of  machines to consider

Your options for the best embroidery machines include single-head startup and modular multi-head embroidery machines.

  • The single-head embroidery machine is the ideal option if you are only starting. It is affordable. The single-head embroidery machine allows you to enjoy a reasonable efficiency level, even as you maximize your time learning about the best embroidery techniques and processes. As you boost your skills and your customer base grows, the single-head embroidery machine will be the best investment for you.
  • The modular multi-head production or embroidery machine, on the other hand, makes a good investment if your business has grown and you need to have the capacity to handle more oversized orders. The embroidery machine can operate independently, offers higher productivity, and can take more oversized orders faster. The multi-head equipment ensures continuity of embroidering, and if one needle breaks, the other needles will pick up the slack to provide the best performance and meet and deliver all your orders on time.
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Some of the factors to keep in mind as you look for an embroidery machine include the following:

  • Budget
  • The durability of the machine
  • Whether the machine is new or used, the used equipment is often dubbed reconditioned. Buy this is a technique used in sales to give higher prices to the used machines.
  • Value of the machine – and whether it will make a good investment.
  • Training is needed for efficient machine use and high productivity levels.

How do you make money with Best Embroidery Machine?

make money with embroidery business

To make money from the embroidery business, you need to pay attention to your marketing strategy, how well you get to engage your existing and potential customers, and the best embroidery machine (the number of needles in the machine and how well they work.

These two things sound simple, but they determine the success of your business – the size of the audience you get to target and sell to and how fast their orders are fulfilled. In other words, you need to make stuff, and you need to be able to sell what you’ve made.

To do this successfully, one of the things that you need to do is develop the right skills and leverage the skills I learned. Also, you need to find the best marketing strategies for your brand to break through the competitive market.

Home office or commercial setup. It is also important to note that your business’s structure will affect your ability to profit from the embroidery machine and invest in the embroidery business.

The home office, for instance, promises excellent tax breaks, a high level of flexibility, and low overheads, but you have to be ready for the everyday bustle and hustle of the job and the fact that you have to do it all alone.

On the other hand, the commercial setup offers a more professional design. You will find walk-in clients, and there is more room to grow; separation of your work and home and minimal renovations and maintenance are needed for space. On the other hand, running your embroidery business in a more commercial setup means increased overheads.

Top 10 Best Embroidery Machines On The Market

Now that you know what you need to do to successfully run an embroidery business and the importance of investing in the best embroidery machine, here are 10 of the best for you.

1. PFAFF CREATIVE ICON ($9,485.00)


PFAFF Creative Icon is a German-made artisanal embroidery machine built to perfection to ensure the best embroidery works while allowing you to enjoy the highest levels of freedom and efficiency with great confidence.

PFAFF Creative Icon offers seamless connectivity, the highest power and performance, and access to a large workspace, and you look forward to the best results. It’s been designed with the artisan in mind, with over 800 embroidering designs from 27 built-in techniques used in embroidering, and it also offers swipe, zoom, and pinch functions. It’s also been designed with an enhanced level of IDT technology and the highest level of power, precision, and stability.

2. RICOMA MT-1502 ($10,186.00)


Ricoma is a big name in the embroidery business world. This embroidery machine by Ricoma might be the best investment for you if you are looking for the best commercial embroidery machine.

Ricoma MT-1502 is a two-head commercial/ industrial embroidery machine that can embroider caps, bags, flats, and finished embroidered garments.

It’s ideal for use on small and bulky items, and it offers a large sewing field. It also features a small sewing arm for difficult areas.

3. TAJIMA SAI ($6,545.00)

tajima sai

Tajima SAI is one of the top embroidery machine lines by TAJIMA, and this machine could be one of the best options on the market for you if you need a high-performance multi-head embroidery machine.

Its positioning makes it easy for you to check the embroidery process progress. There is a thread-break sensor system with an anti-dust protection function and the middle thread guide for the most effortless threading process, and the machine also features an easy-to-gauge thread tension.

The TAJIMA SAI comes with frames of two types, the larger tubular frame and the smaller one. It also features a multi-lingual 7-inch operation panel, various built-in fonts, and different dimensions.

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It is an 8-needle embroidery machine with a 200x300mm embroidery area.

4. JANOME MC15000 ($7,149.45)

Janome MC15000

This embroidery machine is one of the best quilt-making equipment on the market. It is also known as the Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000, and it’s designed to ensure seamless embroidery designs using only thread and fabric.

It features one of the largest hoops and a big touchscreen, ensuring ease of use.

Janome MC15000 boasts 480 built-in embroidery designs, 510 stitches all built-in, 13 (one-step) buttonholes, an automatic thread tension, and a needle threader, among other features.

5. PFAFF CREATIVE 3.0 ($2,699.25)

pfaff creative 30

This Creative 3.0 by PFAFF might be precisely what you need if you have been looking for new ways of challenging your imagination. It is a powerful embroidery machine that offers limitless possibilities.

The features that stand out from this embroidery machine include the color touchscreen, which offers high-resolution stitches in actual size and true color. It also allows for on-screen customization of the embroidery designs. You also enjoy using the exclusive stitch creator function, enabling you to create 9mm stitches and options for unlimited creativity.

You might also like the built-in embroidery fonts and embroidery designs/ sizes. It also features the original IDT system, a large sewing area, four built-in stitch fonts, LED lights, and precise positioning.

6. BABY LOCK VENTURE ($18,399.20)

BabyLock Venture

Baby Lock Venture is a 10-needle machine that allows you to take your embroidery business and techniques to the next level.

It offers a host of features that promise the best level of performance. These include the IQ Intuition monitoring feature, IQ Designer, and perfect positioning, which are made possible by the touchscreen display. These IQ features can connect to your phone, enabling you to easily monitor embroidery processes from your phone. It also features a 7 7/8 x14″ hoop, among others.

7. BABY LOCK SOLARIS 2 ($14,999.25)

BabyLock Solaris 2

Baby Lock Solaris 2 is a powerful embroidery machine. If you are lucky to find Babylock Solaris 2, you will enjoy the best level of high-precision embroidery made possible by this revolutionary sewing and embroidery combo.

The Baby Lock Solaris 2 is the follow-up to the revolutionary sewing and embroidery combo machine. Solaris 2’s built-in IQ Visionary projector directly displays stitches and embroidery designs on the fabric.

Enjoy the benefits of Baby Lock Solaris 2 ease of use combined with unlimited creativity at Sterling Sewing.

8. SWF MA-6 ($5,596.50)

SWF E T1501C

SWF MA-6 is a class-one single-head embroidery machine that runs on the latest Compact Automatic Embroidery offered by SWF. This machine is one of the top-recommended options for anyone starting in embroidery. It is robust and features a 6.4″ touchscreen high-resolution LCD control panel.

SWF MA-6 also comes with all the beautiful features you could be looking for in a simple, high-performance embroidery machine. Its features include auto-center, editing, memory retention, float stitching function, break sensing, automatic lower/ upper thread, hoop select stitch memory, speed setting for frame movement, and trace design.

9. ZSK SPRINT 7 ($10,500.0)


ZSK SPRINT 7 is a single-head bridge-style embroidery machine. It features the same open back-frame design as the one offered by the multi-head machines, but you also enjoy the highest level of versatility made possible by the 18-needle setup.

ZSK Sprint 7 is a 4-style embroidery machine that offers a high level of versatility, it can be used with cording and sequins, and you wouldn’t have to change the settings on the electronic board components. It is vibration-free, and the frame style offers the best level of performance.

Its tubular arm is the smallest in the industry, meaning you can use it to embroider shoe fronts, shirt pockets, shirt cuffs, and baby items, among other small items.

10. PFAFF CREATIVE 4.5 ($5,249.25)

FAFF Creative 45

Last on the list is this German-made PFAFF Creative 4.5, designed to offer very robust embroidery styles. It boasts an extra-large embroidery area, up to 360x350mm, meaning it’s one of the largest turnable hoops on the market. It uses the PFAFF exclusive IDT system, which ensures the best and the evenest fabric feeding on the bottom and at the top for perfect seams.

PFAFF Creative 4.5 also comes with the Stitch Creator function, which ensures unlimited creativity and allows you to create up to 9mm unique stitches. Then you have the Basic shape creator for unique designs and borders and distinctive and perfectly embroidered shapes. It further boasts precise positioning for the best embroidery performance.


If you have been thinking of starting an embroidery business, you will be happy to note that this article guides you through the process while showing you some of the best embroidery machines you could invest in.

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