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Tajima SAI machine can embroider 800 stitches per minute while maintaining its speed for the duration of embroidery.

Tajima Sai

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TAJIMA SAI is a compact, easy-to-use embroidery machine packed with advanced technologies allowing users, including non-professionals, to achieve professional-quality embroidery. 

Bring color to your world with JUKI SAI by Tajima! With JUKI SAI, embroidery enthusiasts and professionals alike will enjoy an 8 needle operation that allows for multi-color creations with fewer thread changes. With the addition of 800 stitches per minute, your designs will quickly become a reality! This model offers high-quality finishing and durability with the production power of an industrial embroidery machine condensed into a compact body.

A new world of embroidery business opened by SAI

  • It fits anywhere and it's reasonably priced, so it's easy to start using it.
  • It has everything you need for your startup. It means you can get started, right now.
  • The toughness to keep on working, and compact size and price.
  • The all-in-one package includes fonts and PC software.
  • Delivered to you with the quality that celebrated brands put their trust in.

Tajima has long excelled in the development of techniques and devices that satisfy professional requirements. However, we have had little experience of developing compact products or products where appearance is important, so everything was new for us. After three years, and after repeated trial and error experiments, SAI has finally been completed. This machine is one that we can present to the world with confidence.


Bring color to your business with SAI, the model that offers high-quality finishing with production power.

  • Super compact design for portability and tabletop use.
  • Touchscreen 3.5 x 6in full-color LCD control panel which is easy to learn.
  • Fast 800 stitches per minute.
  • Eight needles.
  • Use to programs jobs easily with just a few keystrokes; call up designs from memory or favorites folder for easy repeat jobs
  • Rotate designs and select the design stop/start position on the screen.
  • Large 11.8 × 7.8in (300 x 200mm) tubular sewing field.
  • Large 11.8 × 2.9in (300 x 75mm) cap sewing field.
  • Includes one 11.8 × 7.8in (300 x 200mm) hoop, one 3.9 × 3.9in (100 x 100mm) hoop.
  • Crosshair laser marker for easy and accurate design placement.
  • Double LED-lit sewing field.
  • Six beautiful fonts to create on-board lettering for text and monograms.
  • Includes Tajima Writer lettering software for Windows with 30+ Fonts and built-in design templates with easy LAN machine connection capability.
  • Upgradable to Tajima Pulse DG15 for advanced features
  • Barcode ready: All Tajima embroidery machines have built-in technology to load design to the machine with the simple scan of a barcode or simply drop into a hot folder.
  • Cap stabilization shaft: The cap stabilization shaft allows for high-speed cap embroidery with precision results.
  • Unique Pulse .pxf labor-saving embroidery file format compatible.

Start embroidering as soon as your SAI arrives.

Tajima SAI is an all-in-one package enabling you to start your business right away. Just follow your intuition to operate the touch panel, and the embroidery setup is all done. All you have to do now is push the start button. And even better, when you connect it to a PC using the Writer software included, you can embroider names in an instant!

The fantastic operability of not only the machine itself but also the software has been developed out of Tajima's design sense that has been honed in the real-world of embroidery. So, switching up to more powerful, higher-level machines is smoothly accomplished. Your initial experience will not be wasted, nor will the development of your business be held up.


  • Dimensions: 22 x 23 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 82 pounds
  • Sewing Field: 11.8 x 7.8 inches
  • Max. Sewing Speed: 800 stitches/minute
  • File Format: .dst, .tcf

Included Accessories:

  • 2 200mm x 300mm Frames
  • 2 100mm x 100mm Frames
  • Industrial Cap Driver
  • 2 Cap Frames
  • Cap Mounting Bracket (Gauge)

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • 5 Years Against Mechanical Defects
  • 2 Years Against Electrical Defect
  • 90 Days Adjustments on Defects in Material or Workmanship.
  • Tajima Writer Plus: included software as standard that combines text and existing designs


  • Creation of embroidery text data (number of fonts: 31 alphabet fonts)
  • Combining text with existing designs
  • More than 1000 embroidery designs pre-installed
  • Thread color management synchronized with SAI
  • Functionality for registering designs to the design gallery and retrieving them
  • Transmission of embroidery data between the PC and SAI via LAN connection
  • Sketchbook: use the computer that has a touch screen feature to create embroidery designs, like painting a picture
  • Auto Digitizer: convert images (.jpg) to embroidery data automatically
  • Photo Stitch: convert photo files to embroidery data by a unique conversion method
  • True Type Font Conversion: convert true type fonts to embroidery data
  • Digitalizing Tools: use mouse to trace the outline of an image to create embroidery data (this feature is deactivated by default)

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Juki Tajima Sai 8 Needle Embroidery Machine Manufacturer Information

Tajima Sai

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